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Massage room

In-Person Energy Healing

Centering process to calm the mind, balance and realign the energy flow disrupted by stress and/or illness.

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In-Person Energy Healing/Rest

In addition to your energy healing session, you will receive an additional 30-minutes of rest to maximize your experience and enhance restful sleep.

Using Digital Tablet

Distance Energy Healing

Enjoy your energy healing session in the comfort of your own space. You will be guided on the proper process of setting up your space to receive optimal results from your session.

Private Parties


Energy healing is a modality used at Snooze Spots to help enhance your relaxation and resting experience. Energy healing techniques are used to change the frequency of the body’s energetic field and centers to improve health and enhance healing.

Corporate Events


A Consideration of the Perspectives of Healing Practitioners on Research Into Energy Healing

Energy Healing for Cancer: A Critical Review

An Integrative Review of Reiki Touch Therapy Research

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