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Make Rest & Relaxation a Priority

Snooze Spots Meditation Rest Center was created to offer a relaxing space for busy individuals to unwind and release unwanted energies. Our goal is for you to leave our space relaxed and energetically refreshed. 

Tonya Haizlip

Owner & Energy Healing Practitioner

Psychic Stones

Meet Your Practitioner

She’s oddly unique and intrinsically mysterious, but when she talks to you, your mind will expand to a greater consciousness.

Tonya Haizlip is the owner of Snooze Spots Meditation Rest Center. She is an Energy Healing Practitioner, Trauma Support Specialist, Stress Management Coach, Sleep Science Coach, Ordained Minister and Non-Profit Founder. 


Tonya has the gift of intuitive healing and recognizing an individual's life purpose. For the past 15 years, she has worked in the Human Services field assisting individuals who are experiencing homelessness, incarceration, substance use and mental health disorders.


After understanding how energy healing modalities helped to transform her life, Tonya decided to use her intuitive gifts to help individuals heal from traumatic and transitional life experiences. She offers services to support individuals who are receiving medical treatment or are just in need of energy healing support.

Singing Bowl

Environment is Everything

In-person services are offered at the beautiful 18 Springs Community Healing Center, located in Winston-Salem, NC. This exquisite land has the spiritual and rooted origins of the Cheraw, Saponi, Tutelo, Saxapahaw, and Shakori indigenous nations. 

Learn more about 18 Springs Community Healing Center and their extraordinary work in dismantling systemic oppression and creating spaces for healing and harmony.

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